EVOCHEM’s brands and products have stood the test of time and are tried, trusted and preferred by professional and DIY users.

While maintaining our core values, EVOCHEM’s brands and products are continuously enhanced and refreshed in order to meet customer’s rapidly changing needs.

Being passionate about what we do, we put endless creative energy and effort into building better products and providing better solutions and applications that meet our customers’ high and ever-growing expectations.

Brand preference relies upon us trying every day to consistently deliver superior performance and high quality results.

As the market needs change, EVOCHEM’s portfolio of brands is continually growing and evolving through developing new innovative product ranges.

The following are some of the brands currently within EVOCHEM’s portfolio

Wood adhesives
Parquet adhesives
Wood fillers
Polyurathane adhesives
Wood protection & treatment
Wood protection
Polyurathene sealants & adhesives
Tile adhesives
Structural adhesives
Construction & surface adhesives
Building & repair mortars
Plasterboard & cementboard products
Building admixtures & reinforcement materials
Epoxy adhesives
Epoxy fillers
Epoxy primers
Liquid glass resin
Acrylic sealants
Insulation materials
Contact adhesives
Sealants & adhesives
M-S Polymers
Waterproofing products
Polyurethane foams
Epoxy adhesives
Bituminous materials
Cleaners & unblockers
Moisture absorbers
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