Human & Society

We at EVOCHEM S.A. value people and we believe that “People are our most important asset"

We provide a respectful workplace, where mutual respect, ethical standards as well as trust in management and in staff are of central significance. Innovation, performance and mutual respect establish our common work philosophy. All employees contribute to the company’s performance and success. 

We encourage individual freedom to act and to decide. We encourage employees to dare to think and act differently, to be open-minded, to listen actively to communicate and acknowledge the need for change. We encourage enthusiasm for one’s own work and genuine staff commitment. We know that our people’s satisfaction in their work is a key to success for the company.

We know that successful business requires quality standards, performance and achievement. We promote people development and create the environment to help them manage the increasing requirements of their job. Our employees realize the importance of implementing on time, within budget and overcoming obstacles to bring the best possible results.

We support team spirit, open communications and sharing of responsibility and rewards. We share our success which is driven by enthusiastic teams working towards the same goal. We strive to create an environment that encourages both individual and team achievements.


Social Contribution

EVOCHEM S.A. is committed to social responsibility and especially to children’s welfare. Every year we promote new actions within our corporate social responsibility program. A significant number of welfare programs are running constantly, aiming to help various organizations and individuals in need, either through direct money contributions or through home improvement projects, like insulation of derelict homes, painting or other.

EVOCHEM S.A. is trying in every way to contribute to new job development, offering the most important life tool, the job itself. Within this difficult time, the company has increased its human resources by almost 50%.

EVOCHEM S.A. is a supporter of the Piraeus Church Radio, a Greek radio broadcast reaching from Canada to Australia, with an exciting spiritual content, helping relieve the everyday difficulties of many citizens facing all types of personal and economic problems.

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