Extra strong, fast curing, transparent hard plastics adhesive


BOSTIK HARD PLASTICS is a strong, water resistant, clear adhesive designed for bonding most common hard plastics. It bonds rapidly to form a strong, water resistant seal.


  • Extra strong bonding
  • Rapid set
  • Easy application
  • Bonds a variety of materials
  • Temperature resistant (-20oC - +60oC)
  • Humidity resistant


BOSTIK HARD PLASTICS is suitable for bonding PVC-U, ABS and high impact polystyrene to themselves and each other. It has a wide range of uses for repairing household objects. It is also suitable for bonding most clear plastics, wood, metal and leather.
IMPORTANT: Not suitable for polyolefin’s e.g. polythene, polypropylene or PTFE. Not for repairing items that hold hot liquids.

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