Cyanoacrylate general purpose adhesive


SUPER GLUE is a medium to low viscosity instant cyanoacrylate general purpose adhesive. Bonds almost immediately on contact. It is designed to bond most metals, plastics, rubbers and ceramics in a variety of bonding applications. Cure times vary according to the materials being bonded, but most combinations are very fast, fixing in 3-15 seconds.


  • Bonds a variety of materials
  • Fast curing
  • Extra strong bonding
  • Easy application


  • General purpose bonding of plastics, name plates to equipment (plastic), thread termination on book bindings.
  • Suitable for bonding variety of other materials such as metal, cardboard, wood, leather, rubber, china etc.
  • Recommended for use on small gaps or relatively smooth even surfaces.
  • It is ideal for repairs and DIY applications.

IMPORTANT: SUPER GLUE bonds skin and eyes in seconds. If accidentally skin bonding happens, wash with warm soapy water and pry skin apart using a blunt instrument (such as a teaspoon handle). In case of eye contact, bath immediately with water and seek immediate medical attention.

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